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About Tzachi Levi

Tzachi Levi

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Tzachi Levi served in a wide range of senior management positions in the pharmaceutical and food industry over a period of 15 years. His roles ranged from project management, through maintenance management to technical setup management and plant engineering, according to the highest regulatory and quality requirements of the Israeli Ministry of Health and the European GMP.

Tzachi led, managed and partnered in both complex and simple engineering projects. Projects of building and upgrading clean rooms, production suites, R&D laboratories, as well as the acquisition of machinery, production and laboratory equipment, relevant to all stages of production - from initial production stages to the exit of a finished product from the packaging department.

Thanks to his additional experience as a maintenance manager, Tzachi knows how to deal with and to prevent malfunctions and complex problems in machines, systems and infrastructures, to maintain a continuous production process as much as possible with minimal malfunctions and increasing OEE.

Over the years, Tzachi Levi: • managed many teams of technicians, engineers, engineering companies, suppliers, service providers. • closed and managed service agreements • outlined policies • established complete technical set-ups, including engineering, maintenance and licensing services.

Thanks to his work style and unique abilities, Tzachi has consistently succeeded to provide engineering solutions in accordance with the needs of the plant and the customer, by fully cooperating with the client and the process requirements, while performing in-depth definitions of needs to find complete solutions.

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Why choose Levi Engineering?

The company provides project management services from the examination stage through planning to execution.

  • Projects to upgrade production lines and machinery

  • Purchase of new machines

  • Construction of clean rooms

  • Expansion of production areas

  • Expansion, enlargement and transfer of R&D and quality control laboratories, including specifications

    and purchase of the equipment required in each laboratory according to the user's definition.

  • Establishment of a preventive maintenance system in the factory

  • Providing real-time and effective response to technical malfunctions of systems and equipment, minimizing downtime and with a dedication to high-quality and rooted engineering solutions.

A step-by-step approach to projects

Our Services

Design Management. Construction Management. Engineering Management. Maintenance. Documentation.


Project Management

Management of engineering projects, procurement of machinery, upgrading of factories and infrastructures. Planning, and construction management, all in accordance with the regulatory requirements. The work is carried out in full cooperation with the customer, while adapting the project to the needs of the factory.


Problem Solving

Repairing recurring machine faults, dealing with faulty infrastructures that instead of playing together in harmony, fail and stop production. For all these and more Levi Engineering provides professional solutions. We know how to analyse systems, understand the root of the problem and offer a variety of solutions, within your constraints. including providing solutions for predictive maintenance.


Design and management

We use advanced engineering review and problem solving techniques converting productivity promoting ideas, to reality in your factory. At the end of the specification stage, we offer a wide range of solutions in accordance with the factory and regulatory requirements.



We provide full validation, until the project is put into full production work. The purpose of the validation is to ensure that the product meets the quality and regulatory requirements at all stages of production. Correct validation enables uniform, regular, stable and high-quality processes over time.


Maintenance management

A strong maintenance department is the basis for raising the OEE of the production and the entire plant. Levi Engineering can establish for you a complete and effective Maintenance Department from scratch, including writing procedures, forms, preventive maintenance plans, solutions for predictive maintenance, implementation of maintenance software.


Engineering Management

Determining engineering procedures and management routines of a technical setup, including project management procedures, determining inventory numbering of equipment/projects, time management, quality, leading teams, planning and supervision, budget management.


Documentation and records

Writing engineering documents, procedures in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the GMP, FDA, and the Ministry of Health.


Designing & Drawing Factory Layouts on AutoCAD

Drawing of architectural structures in AutoCAD and preparation of detailed work plans for execution in accordance with the project requirements.

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